Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The purpose of the "The Police Are Cheating Us" blog

In this blog I intend to explore a number of issues that cause me concern as to whether a number of Police forces in the United Kingdom are behaving in ways contrary to the behaviour which the British public has a right to expect.

Over the next few weeks I intend to post evidence that leads me to conclude that some UK Police forces are premeditatedly covering up serious crimes. But only covering up serious crimes by certain individuals.

In practice, it seems to me that some individuals are essentially above the Law.

And, in part at least, it's what I view as corrupt practices by certain UK Police forces that put certain individuals and groups above the Law.

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  1. I wish you well with this Andrew, I am astonished by the media's reaction to the wholesale corruption of the justice system and when they do report the high profile cases the public reaction implies apathy.

    What used to govern what the police could get away with was public confidence, indeed it was enshrined into the mission statement of the IPCC

    "The IPCC was established by the Police Reform Act and became operational in April 2004. Its primary statutory purpose is to increase public confidence in the police complaints system in England and Wales."

    Note the primary statutory purpose is not to make the complaints system more fair or stamp out corruption its purpose is to address the public's perception of the process.

    This means, in practice, that if the police are caught out doing something corrupt and the public's confidence in the police may diminish then it's the IPCC's job to cover up the corruption and therefore increase the public's confidence in the process.

    Except they've been caught out too many times, now there is a nonchalance to the cover up process, they don't care what the public think. The David Kelly scandal proves that the police, politicians and civil servants have contempt for the justice system and contempt for the public who fund them; if you at the right level you can, literally, get away with murder. They get away with it because the public allow them to.