Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I know from personal experience about Police corruption and cover-up

Below is a response to a blog post by Bernard Rix here:I have a complaint about the police…

Mr. Rix would like to see it being easier to offer praise to the Police.

Me? I'd like to see it be much easier for members of the Public to have their complaints about Police misconduct including "serious corruption", in the definition in the IPCC Statutory Guidance, heard.

Let me tell you a story ...

On only one occasion in my life have I gone to a Police station to report a suspected crime.

I spoke to a helpful woman Police Constable who, as I had anticipated, was out of her depth.

We're not talking theft or simple Saturday night yobbishness. The issue at hand was serious criminal behaviour by two well-known public figures.

She, sensibly, asked a Sergeant to speak to me.

The female Sergeant was unhelpful and aggressive. She told me that [redacted] Police didn't investigate [redacted organisation].

The persons whose crimes I reported are well-known public figures.

The penalty, on conviction, for the alleged crimes is life imprisonment.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Sergeant was perverting the course of justice.

When I got home I made full contemporaneous notes.

I made a formal complaint to [redacted] Police's Prossional Standards Department about the Sergeant's conduct.

The PSD gently jogged along, eventually arranging to meet me face to face.

Two affable Inspectors, who I suspect were close to retirement, chatted to me in a totally non-aggressive manner.

Later someone interviewed the Sergeant who, of course, given the passage of time could claim "not to remember" saying things that appeared in my contemporaneous notes.

End result?

My complaint was kicked into the long grass.

I subseqnently wrote to the Deputy Chief Constable of the time.

Result? More flattening of the long grass.

Finally, I wrote to the Chief Constable.

Result? Yet more flattening of the long grass.

The two public figures have neither been investigated nor charged.

Maybe one day they will begin a life sentence but not, I suspect, before there is a massive clear-out of corrupt Police officers.

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