Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lockerbie: Another case where the Police were cheating us?

A group of concerned citizens has asked the Scottish Government to inquire into whether the Police and the judiciary may have perverted the course of justice with respect to the Lockerbie disaster.

See The Lockerbie Case.

Not suprisingly, the Scottish Government in its reply evaded the key issues in the matter. Included in the reply was the suggestion that any such concerns be reported to the Police.

Those who have been involved in trying to establish the truth about the suspicious death of David Kelly and about the Hillsborough disaster are well aware of how futile a course of action that can prove to be.

It has taken 23 years for the truth about Police corruption, with respect to Hillsborough, in the South Yorkshire and West Midlands forces to become public knowledge.

After almost 10 years the truth about the death of David Kelly remains concealed, in no small part due to Police corruption in Thames Valley Police aided and abetted by a Law Lord (Lord Hutton) and an Attorney General (Dominic Grieve QC MP).

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