Thursday, 6 March 2014

A new offence of "police corruption" is to be introduced in the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

One of the most interesting aspects of Theresa May's statement today -  The Ellison Review - Oral Statement to Parliament - is that the Home Secretary proposes to introduce a new offence of "police corruption" in an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill.

Neither the scope nor the definition of the proposed offence of "police corruption" was disclosed in the Home Secretary's statement.

I expect that what I often think of as the Association of Corrupt Police Officers, ACPO, will attempt to make it as difficult as possible for a Police officer, particularly a senior Police officer, to be convicted of such an offence.

Given what I believe to be the endemic nature of corruption in multiple British Police forces the definition of the proposed offence will be of profound importance to whether substantive progess is, or is not, made in clearing corrupt Police officers from the higher echelons of British policing.

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